The lady I am working for was able to get my salary worked out just perfectly. She is really great (not only because of that though)! I feel so badly for her as she is really snowed under and needs my help, but I am too new to really help her the way I should.

Today was my first day and boy was it busy! I don’t feel like I actually did much, but the buzz of activity was just unbelievable! I am used to working at University in one individual department and it is mush different than a primary/secondary school! The teachers are all so animated and talkative and parents are in and out with kids all over the place. It was a great day! I am so excited to be there! I can not wait for school to start!

Another good thing happened today. I had to go to the kids’ old school and pick up transfer papers and their reports. The boys did wonderfully and Blondie made the honor list! BUT the best part is that it was not nearly as stressful getting the transfer papers as I thought it would be. I did end up talking to the primary school principal and the school director about our reasons and it really just came down to feeling like this new school’s teaching style is more in tune with what we are used to in the US. I just want my kids to be comfortable, and I think the new school will definitely do that for them.

OK, so that is it! I am tired and think I will take advantage of the nap hour (first time ever)!



2 thoughts on “YEAY!!!

  1. So glad you had a good day and more importantly you got the money sorted out. Ho hum, you can pay my electric bill now (joking 😉I’ve sent off an application for a job up in Dubai, I’m hoping A: I get it and B: The salary is realistic. Is a radio job BTW.


  2. I too am dizzy from my day. I can’t decide if I just want to go to sleep, or if I should go grab a bite to eat and watch a movie to erase work from my brain….No Teacher Left Behind.(*cough)la


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