OK, so, I got a job…

It always happens when you’re not looking, doesn’t it?
I will be working at one of the schools here in town as the principals assistant. I have real mixed emotions about it because after being home for 4 years, this is a really big step! I am nervous and excited but right now, I am just kind of numb. Thinking about being forced to get up every morning and having to at least pretend to be happy all the time…. The school is fantastic and the staff is pretty great too, so I don’t think there will be an issue of it being a bad environment. I saw more smiles yesterday while I was interviewing that I have all year, so that made me feel great!
The pay is terrible though, and I really think that is the main factor in why I am not really excited about it. I am going to go in today and try and talk about it with them. I am not a negotiator and become very timid and mouse like when it comes to this sort of thing, so I am on the verge of vomiting just thinking about it. I think I will suggest a progressive approach where I am being pay one thing for my probation period and them after that period, if my work is satisfactory, I get a certain % raise. Hopefully that is acceptable – it would certainly make me feel better about it.
Now thinking back to the other job offer I was given, I realize that the pay for that one was very high – but the cost was too. I want my children to be happy and this new school is such a better fit for them. I am very pleased with the school and am excited to be able to grow with the school and be a part of it. It is exciting.

OK, that’s it. I am off to a (what do you call an adult play date??? – a coffee morning???) I guess a coffee morning. My last ditch effort to meet a new friend before starting work tomorrow (and the kids will get to play too).

Crying tears of joy, nerves and sadness, all at once……


Well, hot damn! Spell checker says there are no spelling errors! That is a first! I am sure it missed some, as I am a terrible speller!


4 thoughts on “OK, so, I got a job…

  1. Good luck, I’m sure you will do just fine! Don’t you just hate those ‘first day at the job’ days. I’ve been through far too many and they never change.


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