Slow in the blog world

These lazy days of summer (read freaking hotter than hell summer) have got me all sluggish. I have no original thoughts and the few that I have slowly eek out of my brain like a helium balloon loosing it’s air.

I am preoccupied with getting meals into the freezer so that I will be prepared when school starts next month. I am worried about what I am going to wear to this Emirate after wedding celebration this weekend. I am 2 weeks into my new “life style change” and am preoccupied with how many carbs are in EVERYTHING.

The days drag on so slowly that sometimes I wonder if they are moving backward. When will the insistent heat just pick it’s ass up and leave already? It is freaking miserable. I am getting sick from spending too much time inside, but if I go outside, I will become the next statistic on the skin cancer research board…

Oh, don’t mind me. It’s just cabin fever. Am having a play date today. Maybe that will cheer me up.



2 thoughts on “Slow in the blog world

  1. Desert Dweller says:

    Me too…I’m on day 2 of my ‘new’ eating plan. It hasn’t been so bad, but it’s because I’ve got my mind round it. They say it’s plain sailing after day 3….All this sitting around during the summer is not good for one.Hope the play date cheered you up!


  2. Desert dweller….I have a feeling i know you…..if not, then how can we start communicating (besides here)? I was iapmom, if that rings any bells????? You can find me on the expat mums site, if you know what that is…..


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