Insomnia strikes again

Alrighty then. It is 2 AM and I can not sleep. At. All.

Had a good time on the play date today, but I still don’t feel like I am making friends that I can be me with. I like the ladies I am meeting, or I wouldn’t ask to met with them again, but I feel like we are playing a little cat and mouse game. Everyone is trying to be proper and all soccer momish and I just want someone I can say “shit” in front of, you know? Not saying that I will, but I want the possibility to be open.

I think farts are funny and I love that my kids have burping contests. I don’t bend to my children’s every demand and don’t go running at every call of my name. I am strict with my kids and I believe in ME time.

I need a friend who understands that I am high maintenance and will respect that, but who will also be able to handle it when I just don’t feel like getting dressed that day. I need someone who will know that they can call me and talk to me about sex, diarrhea and crystal all in the same conversation and I won’t pass judgment on her.

No subject is really taboo to me, but I understand that most of the world is more modest than I (never end sentence in a preposition). I just need to know that I am not the only mom like me out here. I need to have my girls from the States over here to keep me company and keep me sane (or insane, depending on how you look at it). So get your damn passports already and pack your bags! If only it were that easy….. I miss my girls! I wish I could find some girls here!



6 thoughts on “Insomnia strikes again

  1. I don’t believe I have ever seen “sex, diarrhea and crystal” all used in the same sentence before.Hope you find some buddies you can cuss with … LOL


  2. Your Girl! says:

    Well…Bart just doesn’t know us that well does he! I miss you too…and I’m on my way!Just start fartin around them…they’ll get use to it.


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