Yet more confirmation that I made the right choice….

I got married when I was 20. I met the Major when I was 17, but didn’t start dating him until I was 18. He was 26. At the time, I was at the end of a very long and complicated relationship (high school sweetheart – if that’s what you can call him) and wasn’t sure if this thing with this older guy would work out. My high school boy friend asked me to merry him. I said no. I fell in love with the Major the second I saw him and I had to see what was going to happen there. We were married in 1995 and grow more in love every year. The rest is history.

The kicker is I have always wondered what happened to my high school guy. He was brilliant – I always fell for the smart ones – but not very focused. He was more worried about making it to the midnight showing of Rockey Horror than which college to attend. He was a hopeless romantic though.

Tonight, I was helping a friend with a computer problem and while I was bored, waiting for her to get back with me, I typed in HIS name in Google images. I won’t post the image here because, well, that’s just weird, but I found out that the guy I could have married is now a PROFESSIONAL AIR HOCKEY PLAYER!!!!! He has long hair and hangs out in bars – he’s 33 freaking years old!!!!!

I always knew I made the right decision by saying no to him and sticking it out with the Major, but this shows that I deserve a pat on the back. I actually sent my father an e-mail thanking him for all his patience over the 4 years I dated this guy; after I saw his current credentials. So, thanks dad, for believing that I could do better and for encouragement me to go out and look…..


Our kids at Houston Zoo, 2004


One thought on “Yet more confirmation that I made the right choice….

  1. Desert Dweller says:

    I never new about Google Images, just shows…you learn something new everyday. What a good idea. I googled my ex’s photo too, low and behold there were 3!Don’t parents always know best, it just takes us 30 plus years to figure it out.


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