Um, excuse me, you have a little shmuts on your ruler

You know, some things you just aren’t prepared for when you move to a new land. And this is an example of one of those things:

Yes, folks, that is an ant. A BIG FREAKING ANT. They invade my home after every wind storm. They get in through the walls BECAUSE THEY BURROW THROUGH THE MFing CONCRETE to get in.

Check it out!

This sucker is almost 1 and a half cent. long!!! That is a little over a half inch for those of you who don’t follow the metric system. This isn’t even one of the BIG ones! There are ones with wings that are about an inch long! I am too afraid of those to get a photo of them.
Check out the pinchers on this guy!

These things are not insects. I think they qualify as rodents! About once a month, my wash room next to the dining room will get and infestation of these ginormous creatures (both winged and wingless) and I have to go in with the “Raid” and blow them all to bits. It is like a scene out of Indiana Jones, with the floor covered in black creepy crawly things and no matter where you walk, something crunches under your feet. I just need a lasso and a cool safari hat!



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