A virgin at the mega store….

Ahh, Arthbard,

“Yeah, these kinds of introspective moods come around from time to time. “

If only it were that easy….. See, I have bi-polar disorder as well as obsessive compulsive disorder. I fight these demons on an hourly basis, especially since I haven’t found a therapist here….. BUT, I am thankful that I am not the only person who has these moments of complete and utter irrationality! The fact that I am really this crazy, should explain how I can go from the previous post to this post in the matter of mere hours…….

So, I am wondering through Virgin Mega Store in Dubai last month looking for Madonna’s “Confessions on a Dance Floor” (Hey! Don’t judge me! You know when her songs come on the radio, you secretly sing along and do the “cabbage patch” in your car – you freak!) and a sales man jumps in front of me and pops a CD in my face. He is totally hot so I stop in my tracks (because let’s face it, when a slightly pudgy, 32 year old married, mother of three catches the attention of an even minorly attractive man, it is worth stopping to bask in the glow – even if it is for a sales pitch). In this impossibly deep muddy British accent, he asks me if I’ve ever heard of Corinne Bailey Rae. Stunned that he is really talking to ME, I hang my head in embarrassment (because I am sure she is some huge superstar that I am unaware of because I live in the sticks in a Middle Eastern country that has no English radio station) and I stammer, “well, obviously not because I have no idea what you are talking about.”

He smiles this big beautiful toothy grin and grabs the head phones from the DJ booth and thrusts them in my face and says “you must have a listen! You’ll love it, I guarantee it!” Faced with a dilemma here. I have a hot guy paying attention to me and requesting that I listen to this fantastic (he says) CD but UGH! Those head phones have been on strangers ears! I don’t know what filth those head phones have survived and the thought of placing them on my being makes my insides shiver while I envision scabies and ear wax and sweat and that other sales guy who has the long dreads and looks like he hasn’t bathed in a year….. The poor guy sees my apprehension and he grabs a wet wipe from behind the counter and wipes them off for me – while still smiling – and reassuringly nudges me to listen. I hold the head phones an inch from my head and look at him to tell him I am ready.

In streams Corinne Bailey Rae’s voice. Her style is sort of Nora Jones, but her voice is Stevie Nix. I get chills and smile – he has done his job; I am hooked. Mr. Virgin Mega Store Mc Hottie pants beams and steps away to go grab a copy of the CD for me.

It is a great album. Very sexy. I wish I had lost the weight I wanted to before the trip because the album makes me want to walk around naked.

The album is self titles and the artist is Corinne Bailey Rae. ENJOY!


2 thoughts on “A virgin at the mega store….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just said to my husband the other day that we need some new music for the car. Will keep an eye open for Corinne’s CD. I am soooo not with it when it comes to music.


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