What is it about life?

Do you ever get the feeling you are lost in your own life? Like you are something, and not someone? Like life is something that is happening to you, not something you are participating in?

I get this feeling all the time. While I am happy – I think – I can’t help but feel like complete and utter bliss is just beyond my reach. It is just beyond the length of chain that binds me in my own little world and I just can’t reach out and grab it.

Here, I preach to my friends that their happiness is all that matters. That they need to take their current situation and decide is they want to spend the rest of their life like they are now and I am not living my own words. Do as I say, not as I do.

If I were to die tomorrow, I would die with an unfulfilled heart. I would die unhappy, but I wouldn’t know why.


3 thoughts on “What is it about life?

  1. Stick with life, it will come around. You just have to find what motivates you, what makes you happy and take care of you first. As a WW leader we have learned a new thing…ask yourself “What would you like to have happen?” “What would you have to do to make that happen?” “Can you?” “Will you?” So much for my advice. I think i was a fairly content person in my 20s. When I met my husband, my whole life changed. I’ve had the happiest 7 happiest years of my life since then. I don’t know what happened. But, I think a lot of changes happened to me before that. I learned to like myself. I learned to tolerate others and I try not to judge. I do try (although not always) to take care of myself. Life just is and I love it. There are so many adventures to be had and if I go tomorrow, I’m OK with that. I’ve enjoyed life and learned so much.


  2. Yeah, these kinds of introspective moods come around from time to time. I can’t really tell you what to do about it, unfortunately. I haven’t really figured that part out, myself. I guess I kind of suck at advice, sorry. You’re not the only one to feel that way, though.


  3. Anonymous says:

    No, I often feel I’m not doing enough with my life. If I die tomorrow can I say I’ve lived life to the full. NO! To me it feels like everything involves money. To get in the car and go somewhere…money! To take the kids out….money! To have a good meal…money! The list can just go on.


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