I have a HUGE case of the “I don’t wannas”. Unfortunately, I have had this illness for a few days now. It is my way of avoiding what I really need to be doing and that is packing for our trip to the USA which happens…..TOMORROW!!!!!!! Really, what could be more important than packing for a trip to Disney World? Well, shall I make a list?

~ Creating play lists for my I-pod (for the trip)
~ Surfing the Internet for nothing in particular
~ Checking my e-mail over and over again until something pops up in my in box
~ Sleeping
~ Going outside just to see how hot it really is today
~ Listening to Eminem with my son (yes, I do that…. I know, I’m such a shitty mother)
~ Reading
~ Sending random e-mail to random family members
~ Posting in my Blog…..

So really, right now, anything is more important than packing. After all, I still have about 30 hour before we leave. That’s plenty of time to pack for 5 people! Shouldn’t it?

OK, off to find another meaningless task to do. God forbid I should actually stop procrastinating and start packing!



One thought on “But…..

  1. Anonymous says:

    M&M is a non-talented, mother hating whiney bastard who gets too much attention. Stop the madness before your son turns on you.MICKEY MOUSE.😉but seriously…HAVE FUN!! I wish I could go to Disney.MeLA


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