About Sohar, Oman

We stayed at the Sohar beach Hotel in Sohar. The actual drive was only about an hour, but after you factor in the border crossing and all the paperwork you have to do to get across, it jumps to about 2 hours. It was not really that bad, we just weren’t expecting all the paperwork. I think it costs 160 Dh round trip with your fees and such. We are Americans though and I don’t know if the fees vary for different nationalities or not.

The landscape once you cross the border is just incredible. The mountains are colored every shade of nature you can imagine, and some you can’t and the formations along the old (dried up) river are pretty cool. But, I like that sort of stuff, so others might not find it so interesting….

All we did while in Sohar was lay on the beach and play in the surf. The boys did some body surfing and we girls collected sea shells. It was quiet until after about 5 or so when all the men came out to play soccer on the beach, but that was fun to watch anyway. I was very aware that I was the only female on the beach, but kept covered up so not to cause any issues. We went during the week and the next day, we got up and went out before noon and we were the only ones out on the beach. It was beautiful.

The drive home was easier than the drive in. Coming home we did not have to get out of the car at all and we just had to show our pass ports and pay a vehicle exit fee (2 Dh I think) then show that slip to several people before we crossed the border. Do have your vehicle registration handy at all times and make sure you get insurance. We saw several accidents going and coming where people were hit head on from illegal passing on a 2 lane road. That really was the worst part. One accident was really bad and I had to sing to the kids and keep their attention so they wouldn’t look out the window and see the wreckage and bodies….

Overall, it was a nice 2 day spontaneous trip. I think in the future, we will plan it and stay longer because after the border crossing fees and then the hotel room, it was rather expensive for one night. BUT… looking through the travel brochures, there is a lot of things to do in Oman, if you like out door activities. There is mountain climbing, spelunking, exploring the forts and watch towers (there are supposed to be thousands of them still standing) and there is a huge network of full wadis in Oman where you can camp, and explore. We are definitely going back!



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