Ramblings of a mad woman

OK, 4 words….
I fucking HATE mice! That should sum up my thought right there….

OK, but it doesn’t see, because I am a girl and girls talk just a little too much. Even though I have absolutely nothing to talk about (except that I fucking hate mice) and that I am freezing my arse off. Yes – me, the woman who is always hot – I am freezing my arse off – in the Middle East no less! The temperature gage read 122 today. You read that correctly, it says 122… Which means that the Major came home and promptly turned all of our air conditioners sown to 65. So, here I am sitting at my desk with the air blowing directly on me typing this blog with sweat pants on and a damn blanket over my shoulders, because really, I don’t have enough sense to get off my ass and turn off the air conditioner.

HHHmmmmm…. just got back from Sohar, Oman. It was pretty. It was hot. I am sun burnt. Nuf said…

Oh and WTF was up with that sand/wind storm yesterday???? It blew my IRON gate off it’s hinges and ripped the weld all along the side of the gate as well as shattered the Plexiglas! Not to mention the palm trees that were completely snapped in half! It was an incredible storm. Do we get many of THOSE types of storms here in Al Ain??? It was really amazing. We were driving down the street and all of a sudden you hear a huge snap and see this palm tree fall and start sliding toward you. I don’t think I have ever been that scared of mother nature in my life! It was the highlight of my boring existence yesterday!

Gotta go! I am getting goose bumps on my goose bumps!




3 thoughts on “Ramblings of a mad woman

  1. A CAT??? What are you insane? No, really, we thought about getting a cat, but my non-potty trained dog is quite enough for me, thank you. I just don’t want one more thing to take care of, you know?I put down poison today…..


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