Momentary Loss of Mental Control

I am feeling better now, thank you for caring….

I think I was mourning the job or maybe it was just sadness at the thought of having an outlet for my creativity and being able to make new friends then to have it taken away like that because of some weird clause in a contract… It was very upsetting.

On a good note, we are headed to Florida in less than 2 weeks!!!! Disney world here we come! Such consumer whores! Oh well, we’ll be havin fun! It will be a family affair – a disfunctional family affair, but a family affair no less. My father-in-law and his girl friend will be there, my two brothers-in-law and then the wife of the one who is married as well as my father and his partner will be there. One big happy family. Actually we all get along.

News from the home front…. We have a freaking mouse family that has invaded our home. If you know me in real life, you know what a clean freak I am. Having a mouse (or mice) is an uber big deal to me and I have been systematically scrubbing ever nook and cranny in this 9000 square foot house for the past week. I have set traps and as of yet, have had no success in trapping anything except ants. Of course, again, if you know me, you know I will be crying the entire time I dispose of whatever poor creature I catch as I hate to see anything suffer, even a mouse that is shitting all over my house.

My dog is STILL not shit trained….. I mean potty trained and I have basically just given up. I have put newspaper down in her “usual” places to make clean up easier. I guess this transition will come with age – I hope???

That is it for today! Gee, the excitement is just overwhelming, isn’t it?



2 thoughts on “Momentary Loss of Mental Control

  1. I once had to get rid of a mouse that had been caught in a trap. I tried to let it go outside, but it had been badly injured and couldn’t really move very much. I actually kept going outside to check on it. Of course, it died sometime that afternoon. Very sad.


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