I am having a really really really bad day

Don’t take anything I am about to type personally. Take it as a lady who is having a really bad day…

I need to go home. This is not my home. I miss grass and the sound of lawn mowers and the smell of a freshly cut lawn. I miss cook outs and neighbors who talk to you. I miss being able to look someone in the eye and say hello to them in the supermarket. I miss being able to pick up the phone and call my mom/friends any time I need to. I miss sheets that fit my bed properly. I miss duct tape that actually sticks to things. I miss 3-ring binders that are all the same size. I miss being able to find everything I need at wal-mart and knowing that if it breaks or is made poorly, I can take it back and replace it without a big hassle. I miss the American flag. I miss real music on the radio. I miss the news. I miss being able to go outside during the day. I miss rain. I miss huge thunderstorms. I miss roses. I miss hummingbirds. I miss butterflies. I miss being able to talk to anyone. I miss customer service in the mall. I miss seeing the sweet faces of down syndrome kids looking up at me from their carts at the grocery store. I miss walking to the corner store. I miss having friends.

I am so lonely. I am so sad. Even though most people here speak English, they still can’t communicate in English. I haven’t had a real conversation with anyone beside my husband since I’ve been here. No one here understands me. I can’t even talk to the ladies at the make up counter. I am so lonely. Even the expats I meet are different. I just don’t feel like I can be me here. I am so lonely. I really need to go home. I am having such a bad day.


4 thoughts on “I am having a really really really bad day

  1. Boy do I know this feeling (even though I didn’t move overseas). Feel free to call my anytime you need a chat (just understand that I may be half asleep and unintelligible) 🙂 Love you and miss you bunches


  2. whats with the 3-ring binders. although im from the uae and lived here all my life, i find the 4 ring binders very ugly. and its not easy finding a 3 ring binder, and if u do, then finding paper that has 3 punched holes is even harder.im sorry you are homesick. when im on my summer vacation (outside the country) i also miss the sand dunes and camels and tinted cars and the strong smell of arabic perfume.


  3. Ha ha ha!!! The three ring binder thing was just something that was bothering me that day. I was trying to put together some papers that I wanted to keep and all I could find were the two ring binders and they were all very tall binders and then I couldn’t find a two-hole hole punch…. It was just a day, you know? I am feeling better now. We are headed to Florida in a few days and I will be “home” for the forth of july and my wedding anniversary. I am VERY happy about that. I do still love it here though. You just have those moments where nothing is going right and you start getting home sick. I am glad you guys understand.


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