We have a new member of the family……..

Well she has been with us for about a month now, but we are all still trying to get used to each other. She is a puppy. A Canaan puppy to be exact. She found us and she won’t leave (believe me, I have tried to get her to). No, really, I do love her, but SHE DRIVES ME ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not built for puppies. Kids I can do, but puppies ? I have decided that this dog was sent to me by someone who is trying to secretly drive me insane so they can take over my life when I am put away (it is probably the Major’s ex-wife). She (the dog) is hard headed and stubborn and she manipulates her humans very well. She chews up toilet paper rolls and smuggles the kids’ socks into her house to chew on. While I am on the subject of chewing… The dog chews ON EVERYTHING! I have never seen a dog chew on absolutely everything she sees except this one. Right now, she is chewing on the Major’s wrench! One cool thing is that she “talks”. She loves to “talk” to me while I am cooking in the evenings. She lays under my feet and just makes dog noises until I talk back to her.
I am so fed up with trying to train her though. As you know, if you have been reading this blog for a while, I don’t have the patience for it! I want her potty trained yesterday! It is taking FOREVER for her to “get it” and in the mean time, I feel like throwing her out the front gate! I never would, but boy does she make me mad!
Here is something I don’t know about… She is very territorial and she barks at everyONE (not every THING) who comes in our gate/house. I don’t like her to bark at everyone, but I also don’t want her to shy away either. From reading about her breed of dog, I know she will most likely never attack anyone, she is just very vocal. Is there a way I can train her to only bark at strangers and not at our friends? I like that she barks at the people who randomly show up at our house, but I don’t want her barking at our gardener.

ANYWAY…. Dude! I am so boring!

I am fighting a 3 day headache. My step-brother passed away yesterday. I don’t really know how to feel about it. I am not sad or upset about him at all, but I am sad for my step-father and mom. He was a drug addict with a drinking problem and he died of kidney failure. He was not a part of our lives as he preferred to live on the streets. My mom tried to provide him with a home for a while, but all he did was steal everything he could carry and sell it to a pawn shop so he could buy drugs with the money. He did crap like that for 20 years. He was in and out of rehab and started over so many times we lost count. I am not grieving for him, but I am grieving for my step-father. No parent should out live their child(ren). Being so far away from my family at times like this makes it very difficult.


2 thoughts on “We have a new member of the family……..

  1. Sarah says:

    Big hugs to you seetie!! I’m sorry for your mom and step-dad. If you need me you know where I am. If you need any help with Sandy let me know too…I am the dog whisperer!!!!!!Luv YOU!!!!!!


  2. They do have training pads for puppies. When my family was trying to housebreak a puppy, we tried them out. Apparently, they’re specially scented to make pups want to pee on them.But ours just chewed them up.


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