I am such a terrible blogger

OK, so, you know that book called “He’s Not That into You”? Well, I’m not that into this blog…. So sorry. My life here is busy these days. I am driving now and am having fun driving all over learning the city. I also have company and think it is rude to leave him alone while I blog!

I am working on compiling some terms and pictures to help describe the people here in the UAE. I love it so much here and the people are part of that love. There is something in the eyes of these men that lets you know that life is ok. Something that tells you “I don’t fit your stereotypes”. I don’t know. I do know that I am in love with this country and it’s people. I still have a lot of questions and some days I would like to strangle the next Abaya clad woman who cuts in front of me in line or scream at the boy/man who races through the parking lot and almost runs over the kids and me, but things like that happen everywhere.

I had a fun experience yesterday. I went to the souk and decided that since the souk is usually teaming with men, I would wear a hijab (pictured below). Mine was silk and wrapped around my head and was pink with yellow flowers and silver crystals. It was my first time going out with my head wrapped, but I really thought it was better to go to the souk like that. What I did not think of is that while my head was covered, I chose to do it with color. Not only was my head wrapped in color but I wore pink linen pants and a yellow linen blouse. The blouse did have long sleeves, so I looked very nice and within “dress code”…… Except I stuck out like a sore thumb among all the men in white/tan and the hand full of women – ALL IN BLACK….. When will I learn???? Oh, well. I think the people at the souk got a kick out of it anyway. It seemed all eyes were on me and most of them were smiling. They were either smiling because I looked nice, or laughing internally because I looked ridiculous! I felt the later……

I really wish there were a hand book for we silly western women who want to fit in. I need to know how to wear a head wrap and an Abaya. I have 2 Abayas, but don’t wear them outside of the walls of my house for fear I am not doing it right. I don’t fear that I will offend anyone, because I have learned enough to know that would be incorrect. What I fear is that I look ridiculous! Some of these women (A LOT OF THEM) look like absolute queens in their abayas. They seem to float above the ground, with perfect posture and beautifully made up eyes, perfect manicures and pedicures and beautiful shoes. It is really intimidating to someone who is used to going to the grocery in sweat pants and a pony tail to try and do this frock justice! How do you do it? AND THE SHOES!!!??? Billy, you would be proud! I don’t know how or why, but these ladies wear heels all day every day. Not just any heels either. Oh, no, you won’t see “pay-less” knock offs here. Designer shoes all the way (as well as handbags and clothes).

ANYWAY…… Freaking boring shit, I know. That’s my life…..Boring. I am still a bit scared to write like I used to because I don’t want men in long white robes banging my doors down in the middle of the night to haul me off to the airport and deport me. I know they really won’t do this…. Mostly because men in long white robes don’t work beyond the hours of 9 am – 11 am (if at all)……

Must go work out and make breakfast for the precious little princess (I think my daughter might like some food too).



One thought on “I am such a terrible blogger

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well the men in white robes might just knock on your door if you keep on & on being cynical and sarcastic at them ,to the world on a public forum ,hinting they hardly work at all , in other word `useless` when their lifestyle has nothing to do with you even if that was the case which is not as you can`t generalize on a society being an outsider, or commenting about not being in a free speech environment anymore ,why is that so ? do you plan on defaming ,the Local National Arab culture, way of life , traditions, religion…….etc. Is that the only thing that you intend to write about ? if not i don`t see any problem . In case you have forgotten it is you who chose to come and live in the Land of the Men in WHITE ROBES knowing beforehand their conservative environment, morals , way of life …etc. and not the other way around , so out of courtesy as a temporary resident/guest whether they work or not …..dont see it relevant to your life here in any way.Alia AlSaleh


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