Where to begin…..

We made it. Well, duh, right?

The actual moving was easy as we sold off everything we owned and just took what would fit in our suitcases. I was alone with three kids and the flight process was about 24 hours. I now detest the Amsterdam airport and most European travelers….. I will leave it at that. I was not able to sleep or eat for the entire trip so I was a bit of a wreck by the time we made it to Abu Dhabi!

The feeling I had that first time seeing the Major after so long was indescribable. I cried – of course and all the airport workers laughed.

It is beautiful here. I have always had a fondness for the desert though. I have many many pictures and hope to get some posted so you guys can see what it is like here. I am positive it is nothing like what you think.

The Nationals are friendly and we feel welcomed everywhere we go. Of course, we are respectful of their customs and are making an effort to fit in. There are some strange things or issues we question and I want to address those later (with a new feature!).

So, I am alive and well. I plan on getting back into my old raunchy self contradicting self soon. I need to get back into the swing of this blogging stuff!

I’ll post more later.


This is the view out of my kitchen window.


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