Kinda freaking out cause I’m thinkin I may get censored………….

…………and stamped out! My blog is not about the UAE, but I live in the UAE and type this from the UAE….. Maybe I will get stamped out!!!! I know! Kinda scary!!!!!

WHEW! There he is! Mr Matthew McConaughey I am supposed to be feeling a little better, and while I am now that I can look at your beautiful face, I am now feeling something else!!! That, I can not talk about….just let me sit here for e minute…………

Only darn man on the face of the earth that would make me question how faithfull I really want to be with my husband who is equally just as cute and precious……

Wow! The emotions going through my body right now are just unbelievable! I am so excited I finally get to see my husband after being away from him for 3 months and 1 week!!!!!!!!!!! Then, I am so so so very sad because I am telling all of my friends goodbye. It used to be “goodbye! We’ll see you in a couple of weeks/months when you come back down.” and all was well. Now, we are leaving and will be on the complete opposite side of the world from us! It is mind boggling (especially after an Ambien – love that stuff – and 2 bourbon and 7-ups!)


4 thoughts on “Kinda freaking out cause I’m thinkin I may get censored………….

  1. Justamom says:

    OK, so I am back online, but I can’t log onto this account to update it! Freaking sucks! Don’t know what I am going to do as far as starting a new blog….such a pain in the arse….


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