Dude! I suck!

So sorry for the lag in posting! I fear it will go on for a while more, as the kids and I are flying out next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our flight is October 11th!!!!! I don’t know when I will have access to Internet once I get there, nor do I know if I will have the time since there is 3 months of lovin’ to make up for….. not to mention the fact that we need to buy furniture for teh entire house…..

Please don’t give up on me. I will return – I promise!

Love to you all!



4 thoughts on “Dude! I suck!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I want to ask you a question, but I don’t want you to think i’m crazy. I also don’t want to type anything here that is too private. I’ll just leave it at this and if you reply we’ll go from there. I am in Texas. There is someone I care for deeply in Al Ain. From Lulu’s blog i’ve read enought that makes me wonder if your husband and my ‘friend’ work together. I’m actually embarrassed to be asking. But i’ve been missing my friend as well. I’m nervous about adding too much detail here on a live site. What to do?….


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