I must admit, I am getting a little freaked out….

I’ve never really met anyone named Rita, but I think I am about to. I think meteorologists secretly are laughing in the back room coming up with sceneries that will freak out the most people at one time by plotting these storms in 200 different directions and at different degrees of strength. Wow! That was a LONG sentence!

One guy says Rita will hit to our West and be a medium category 3 on Friday. The next says it will hit to our West, directly at Galveston or just slightly to the West and will be a weak category 4 on Friday. Another one says it will hit slightly to our west or directly on Galveston and be a strong category 4. I have heard a weak category 5, a strong category 4, a strong category 3, and a medium category 3…….. I have two dogs, kids and a father-in-law to pick up from the air port on Friday. WHAT IN THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?

Right now, I am waiting for FIL to call from California (which should be tomorrow) so we can make a game plan. Hopefully he will opt to come home a day early and we can make a plan from there. Wal-Mart was CRAZY today. I got the last bottled water in the store…….

We have plenty of food, not much water, but a lot of juice, and I am filling up milk jugs with water as they empty also. Back in 1983 when Alicia came through, my mom and I were throwing newspapers when she hit. It wasn’t so bad, but then again, that was a category 3 and it still ripped the roof off of my elementary school (kudos to Alicia for allowing me to miss 3 days of school!). I need to go to sleep.

Until then, this is me, just a mom, hunkering down and trying to prepare for hurricane Rita.


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