An update on where I am and where I am going…………….(to hell in a hand basket if I don’t change my ways)

I am tired and sad and cry a lot. I try to get out of the house as much as possible, but am not doing it enough. The kids are driving me more crazy than I am normally and sometimes I feel like I should just go jump off a bridge. I won’t do it though because I am afraid of heights and water – Ha ha ha !!!

I am working on loosing about 20 pounds (still) and am walking every other night for 30 minutes. I am changing my diet and hope to surprise the husband when he sees me in a size 4 or so….. IN MY DREAMS….

That about sums it up. I am surviving. I have to. I think getting back home will be good. I just wish my friends lived closer. My best girlfriend is an hour and a half away and my other best girlfriend is in Oklahoma (about 12 hours away). It makes it difficult.

Kisses and hugs (not necessarily in that order)…


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