The butterfly has been squished….

I removed the butterfly. It was causing problems.

Not much going on this week. I seem to have lost my creativeness over the past few months. I guess that is what loneliness and exhaustion does to a girl….

I hope to return to my normal entertaining self soon.

The husband said the house paperwork should be finished and returned to him today. Hopefully that means our visas will be ready soon??????? I can only hope. I hate feeling this lonely. I hate being this sad. I have a constant head ache and I feel like I have been run over by a Mac truck. Will this go away after we FINALLY move? Hoi! I miss Sarah too…………..


3 thoughts on “The butterfly has been squished….

  1. Hellloooo Girl,1) I still see the flutterby … Maybe I need to adjust my medication!!2) “His” photo is banned – undesirable material – hee hee hee – just WHAT was he doing in the photo?????????3) Stay strong – you are doing REALLY WELL – not long now – trust me, I’m a doctor!!Keep your chin(s) up!!Lotsa luvLulu


  2. Anonymous says:

    I miss you more sweetie!!!!! I wish I could just take you away for a week and spoil you rotten…you really deserve it!!!Oh…DAMN DUDE…HE been workin OUT!!!!Sarah


  3. lulu,I don’t know what is going on with that darn butterfly! Damn thing has been fumigated, but it must have the genes of a cock roach….The major is just standing there in the photo….maybe it is because he is in his desert BDU’s that you aren’t allowed to look at him??? Maybe it is because he is just too good looking! Ha ha ha!!!Sarah – I will take you away for a few weeks and spoil you. Is that ok? Love you both!~ Jenn


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