Bang! Bang! Bang!!! And shameless advertising…..

There is an evil little person in my head with a mallet and that evil little person is banging on my skull, and I believe just plucked my ocular nerve!
Little bastard!

I am out of Nutella. It is a terrible thing to be out of. I must try and convince my mom to go to Kroger and get more for me.

OK, so my step father had these last minute plans to drive to Arkansas and stay in a cabin for the weekend. He wanted to take the kids fishing and mom and I could go into hot springs and get massages. Well, I really don’t want to drive 5 hours to get a damn massage. I can go right down the street here and get one in less than 4 minutes. I need to go into Dallas again this weekend and do some shopping – EEEKKK!! I will bat my big blue eyes at my unsuspecting mom and ask her to drive….It will work, it always does. Although it doesn’t work on her as easily as it works on my dad, but you know that daddy’s girl thing…..

I am so boring…sorry! My freaking head hurts! Oh! Oh! Oh! I got a new cell phone! It rocks! Well, my step dad works for Cingular wireless and he was worried about me not having a cell phone. Those of you who know me and know about my previous cell phone, you will be happy to know that I know how to work this cell phone. I also downloaded my own ring tone – and paid for it. Now, I can listen to “American Idiot” every time the phone rings! I though about getting “Stacey’s Mom”, cause you know I got it going on, but though that was obvious so I didn’t need to state it…. No, I am not conceited. In fact, I feel like a cow right now, but not everyone needs to know that, do they?

So I am going to buy a Salwar Kameez. Yah, I didn’t know what it was called either. They are so beautiful! There is supposed to be a shop in Dallas that sells these. I can’t wait to go!

OK, enough for now.



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