I haven’t heard from my husband in a long time….

I don’t do well when I am away from him for this long. He hasn’t called or e-mailed in 3 days. I am getting rather bothered. I know he is busy and I know he is male and they don’t think of things like that…..

With the shopping I did this weekend, it became painfully obvious that my time in the US is coming to an end. Everywhere we went, they asked for my zip code or address and I just started making stuff up. I don’t have a zip code or address. I am technically homeless. We are using my father-in-law’s address as our permanent US address, but I don’t know it off the top of my head and it is not my home. I find myself wondering if I will feel at home in the UAE and if my children will feel like they have a “real home”. I worry that with all the changes the husband is going through that he will not be happy with me anymore. I worry that I will not fit in. I worry that my kids will not fit in. I worry that I don’t deserve this and that I will become super spoiled and never be happy in the US again. I worry about everything.

I don’t really know how to explain what I am feeling or thinking. It is a combination of exhaustion, anxiousness, aggravation and excitement. I am completely emotionless when someone asks me if I am excited about moving. Actually, I am pretty tired of answering that question. I also am pretty tired of the “You be careful over there” comment. What am I going to do? How are you “careful” in a foreign country? My most favorite thing is when a sales clerk (or neighbor or receptionist or whomever) asks where we are moving and they are expecting to hear Wisconsin or something. When I say the Middle East, their whole demeanor changes. It is kind of funny. I have laughed at a few of the reactions I got this weekend. There is the “holy shit! Why would you want to go there?” then there is the (very serious face) “Oh! Well, you’re so brave. You be careful ‘over there’, OK?” and then there is the “Huh? What is the UAE?” followed by a hair twist tilted head and a gum smack. You tell them and they are like “ok, that’s cool”. Whatever. I am excited, really, but I am just so tired and lonely you can’t tell.

I need a nap but don’t have time today. Not to mention I bought the two little ones really annoying fake cell phones and they play with them CONSTANTLY. Need to find a screw driver so I can take the batteries out……

Alright then. I will go……


One thought on “I haven’t heard from my husband in a long time….

  1. I know that I got tired of the constant comments about moving here and how “dangerous” it is, especially when people found out the UAE is next to Saudi Arabia. I started telling people that it was between Qatar and Oman, and they wouldn’t worry, mostly because they had no idea where that was.


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