Why don’t I ever hear the dryer buzz?

I started this blog as a way to catalogue our move to the UAE. It never has really been that. It has been a way for me to vent my frustrations, share funny things in my life and to just get some things off my chest (no big boob jokes please). I know it is a public blog and I know that there are probably more people who read it than I know of (you freaks), but that negative comment I got a few days ago has really bothered me.

Do I really come off as a whiney, unsatisfied brat? I know lately that my entries have not been all that entertaining and I am sorry for that – I am in a funk. I don’t know. I know that I have some mental issues – which I have been dealing with for 17 years – that are not within my complete control. Because I have been dealing with these things for so long, I know that I might as well embrace them, and I know that most of the time “normal” people don’t understand these issues. What I don’t understand is why people feel the need to be mean and insulting. I don’t understand why “normal” people think they are better than those of us who aren’t completely “with it”, and I don’t understand why it bothers me so much.

Oh well….. Whatever……


5 thoughts on “Why don’t I ever hear the dryer buzz?

  1. Don’t quit!! I love reading. Besides who defines normal?? I’m sure as hell not normal and I’ve yet to see a “normal” person. Everyone has different issues that they deal with, some more serious than others. Don’t give up.


  2. If you stop posting, I will break into hives and choke on my own vomit.(oooh Dramatic)Hey, One negative comment, that’s life. Some people feel like they have to judge you and that makes them happy. Don’t let people’s opinion bother you. Unless it’s mine of course. I alway look forward your new postings. So please continue getting things off your chest…if you know what I mean… LOL.Undr(the only reason you post, in training)PS If anything else, think about the children.(basically just me.)


  3. I am not taking a break because of the comment….I just don’t think what I have to say these days is funny or interesting. I feel like I am doing more whining and I need to work through what is making me whine…. I need to rethink the format here. I may come in tonight and post something about what I am thinking these days. I am just really sad and emotional with all these changes going on around me. The negative comment just brought it all to a head, if you know what I mean….Of course, my dear undr…..anything for you. Please do not choke on your own vomit although I guess that would be better than choking on someone else’s vomit.


  4. Especially because you can’t fingerprint it (sorry for the obscure Spinal Tap joke – I couldn’t help it). I don’t think that you come off as whiny either, especially not in the situation. Hang in there, and post whatever you want; it is YOUR blog, and if commenters don’t like it, then let them not read it. And take advantage of the fact (while you can) that you don’t have to think twice about the police coming to visit you for posting something that the government won’t like.


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