OMG! People are so funny!

OK, well, I got my first negative comment! You can see how I handled it in the post below….I deleted it.

I am a bit offended and somewhat surprised. I don’t think the entry below is negative or insulting towards my mom. I appreciate her opening her home to us, I just forgot some of the things that come with living with your parents. I actually think it is funny.

Whatever dude. It’s not like I am taking advantage of her and making fun of her. I am doing neither. I am buying the groceries, cleaning, cooking, driving, paying part of the utilities and taking care of my family and I happen to think my mom is a riot. I have been out from under her roof for 18 years and it is really funny that she still does the things she did 18 years ago – and I forgot about them! Damn, dude! Get a flippin life!!!!!!!!!

OK – done now.


2 thoughts on “OMG! People are so funny!

  1. I have had to delete a few comments on my blog they were not negative but very porno with links to sites LOLOh yeah EVERY woman should atleast have 6-8 pairs of black heels. I got so many shoes in the closet and in storage LOLHave a good day, Linda


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