I am back living with my MOTHER

Wow! Living with my parents again…..What a riot! How in the hell did I survive as long as I did before?

OK, first of all, let me say, I love my mom. I really do….No, really, I do……


Holy crap! She is freaking annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you know this afternoon, she turned on the Spanish channel and started trying to repeat everything she heard? Do you ever watch “King of the Hill“? Peggy Hill aint got nutin’ on my momma…..
Then, I forgot how much of a hypocondriac my mom is. Everything she does is started with a groan and is continued with a sigh every once in a while. When you ask what’s wrong it is “nothing, but my (insert random body part here) is killing me”. OK, well, is it nothing, or is something killing you?
Watching a movie with this woman is complete torture. She talks through the entire movie….”Oh, I like him”…”OOHH!”…..”What are they doing?”……”Well, why did they do that?”…..You get the point….Then it is “What is going on? I don’t understand this movie!” I just answer, “Geeze Louise MOM! It’s Shrek, what’s there to understand?”

On the upside, she does live in Dallas. A GREAT place to shop if you are a shopaholic – not that I am. OK, so I have 12 pairs of shoes, what’s wrong with that? OK, well, I had 32 pairs before I down sized to move across the world….Really, I don’t know why you are shocked. All women should have at least 6 pair of black high heels.

OH! The other thing about being here……I am a freak, you know that right? Well, my OCD is kicking in BIG TIME! NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING in this house is organized or clean. There are spider webs everywhere and papers piled and stacked everywhere. It is driving me crazy! I have actually doubled up on my medication so that I don’t spend all day sitting in the corner rocking back and forth pulling my hair out. I am working on it one room at a time. I totally forgot about that. It is one of the main reasons I moved out of my mom’s house and went to live with my dad when I was in High School. It is a nice apartment though. She has nice things, just out dated and, well, she is getting older and can’t dust like she should…..

OK, enough……



2 thoughts on “I am back living with my MOTHER

  1. Hey! Anonymous….Piss off whoever you are. Please don’t read my blog anymore as I can tell you either haven’t been laid in a very very very long time, or you have absoultely NO SENSE OF HUMOR…..poser.~Momps – I am deleting your crappy comment


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