Dogs, Doors and Doh!

I was in the bathroom fixing my hair this morning and I hear the most awful scream coming from the kitchen….

It was a scream no mother should hear coming from her child’s mouth. It was terrible! A real paint peeler!

I run in there and find my youngest boy child, standing there with a blood red thumb. My first thought was why did you paint your thumb red, and how did you get my nail polish? I then realized that his little finger nail was hanging off his thumb by a thread of skin. I gagged….

The poor little dude was just screaming bloody murder so I picked him up and stuck his hand in the sink while I thought of what to do. I am barking orders at other male child and he is crying because I am scaring him. Find the phone, call my dad and ask him what to do – I have no insurance….ha ha ha……He says he will pay for it and I need to take little man to the emergency room.

OK, emergency room…HHHMMMM where is the emergency room? I have no freaking idea. None of the darn neighbors are home and I don’t know street names, so the address in the phone book meant nothing to me.

I know, you are thinking call the emergency room and find out…that really would have been logical, but it didn’t cross my mind to do that until after I got a way down the street. I remembered seeing a medical facility across from the mall, so headed that direction and EUREKA! It was a hospital! The damn ER had only 4 parking spaces (they must not get many emergencies), so I had to park across the street and try to get all the kids across while one was still screaming.

Did I mention that I had no makeup and my hair was in GIANT curlers? Yah, it was fun.

It ended up that boy child and little man were letting the dogs out and little man stuck his thumb in the door crack as boy child slammed the door. It broke the tip of little man’s thumb, ripped the nail bed and tore the nail completely off and it will most likely never grow back. His finger looked like it had been caught in a grinder. It was awful. He has 3 stitched and a splint. Poor little guy. Our first broken bone! I always thought it would be an arm or leg, never a thumb!

He is doing really great now though. A little codeine and some cookies…..all better. I’ll let you know how the night time goes. I suspect he will not like it when I change the dressing as I was instructed to do.

The life of a mom. I sure wish the husband were here. He is really good at this stuff.


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