Happy freakin Birthday to me

Today is my Birthday. I am 31. Woo freakin hoo! No plans. Going shopping with my father, probably spending some time on the phone with the husband and will probably cry a lot. It is midnight and I am crying my eyes out.

You should never be with out the one person you love more than any other on your birthday. This day sucks. I challenge someone to make it better for me. No, really, please, I am whoring and fishing for anything to make this day better, please. The clock struck midnight and my body went into a fit of crying that I just can not stop. Anything…..

Today sucks.


4 thoughts on “Happy freakin Birthday to me

  1. Hey, I am so sorry and I sympathize completely. I spent my birthday alone here away from my family and tomorrow is Bss’s birthday and I won’t be with her then either. Hang in there and Happy Birthday.


  2. You had me at “jello sculpted hand in my bra” Have a nice day today. You have graced this earth with 31 years with your beautiful presence. And thats a good thing.have a nice dayLove,UndrPS I am so there with the bday kiss but somehow I got jello in my pants.(Tee-hee)


  3. J, been trying to call you all day – read your emails. Been thinking of you – hope things looked a bit sunnier in the daylight!!Try to enjoy your day….Lulu


  4. I also wanted to tell you that if the Major ever needs a ride or anything until he gets settled in or even after, just have him give me a call.


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