85 days and counting…..

The husband called today at 12:15 pm.

He sounded very tired and like he had been working really hard all day. He hadn’t…..

This is what he said:

He hopes/thinks he will be in Al Ain by Wednesday. He will stay at the Hilton in Al Ain.

He is having trouble sleeping during the night and is napping during the day. He said that the point of the stay in Abu Dhabi is to help the guys get used to the life style. Everything is done for you. You ask someone to do “this” and then wait for them to complete it then you ask the next person to do the next step and wait for them, all the while you are sitting on your tushie. They will not let you do it yourself.

They eat a very heavy breakfast and a VERY heavy lunch then a light dinner usually consisting of mostly fruits.

From 1:30 – 4:30 pm the locals close shop and head home for rest. They are a late night society and even the kids are out and up until 10:30 – 11:00 PM. It is very family oriented. There are parks everywhere and in those parks, there are 10 – 11 jungle gym things in each. The mall has a mini amusement park in it!

He said that the staff at the place he is staying are treating them very well. He has noticed that he and the man who is with him are the only ones saying please and thank you (Pat their mom and dad on the back!), and the staff really appreciate it.

They have a driver and he is very helpful; taking care of things for the guys.

The husband is getting all of our paperwork done and his residence visa should be ready by Wednesday. The kids and I will have ours waiting for us at the air port when we arrive.

Some of the men from the group found a realtor in Al Ain and are finding that everything we were told about the housing is exactly true. The houses are huge, within our price range and very pretty. They also found a man who makes wood and leather furniture for the same price you can find furniture for at IKEA…. that sounds promising.

Al Ain has 300,000 people and 2 shopping malls with a new one being built. 10 minutes to drive from one end of town to the other. It was compared to Roswell, only developed all around instead of just down a central main street.

With the exception of leaving the kids and me, he has not had a second thought about our decision to do this. He has had no bad feelings or experiences and seems to be very happy.

In Al Ain, he will get unlimited internet and will start e-mailing then.

The HR man, is trying to get the men paid at the end of July instead of making them wait until the end of August.

He is doing well and feels well. He said the heat in Abu Dhabi is not to bad as long as you have a cover over your head, like a tree or a parking garage. He compared the weather in Al Ain to New Mexico – hot and dry, but not unbearable.

He is looking into flying the kids and me over earlier if he gets paid in July. If we go over before his 90-days is up, we pay out of pocket and are not reimbursed.

He said this is what we have been looking for and that he thinks we will all be very happy there. Said that it is something that we deserve – “you (meaning me)deserve it and the kids deserve it”. He is very happy with our decision.

Conversation over.

Of course, I cried when he asked me how I was doing. I think my loneliness will get better when my dad gets here and when my father-in-law gets home. I am really tired also as I haven’t slept lately.

I am about to celebrate my birthday this Saturday ……..I am glad my dad will be here for that. I really don’t care much about birthdays, I just don’t want to be alone on my birthday.

OK, that’s all I have for now. I will post more when I have it.



3 thoughts on “85 days and counting…..

  1. Anonymous says:

    arabs eat breakfast, dinner and supper. They do not have a thing called lunch.The heaviest biggest meal of the day is dinner at midday around 2.30 till 3.30.Supper at night is supposed to be lighter from 8.00 pm onwards.It`s healthier to avoid eating a big dinner at night at the end of the day before you retire to laze around, eating it at midday allows you to burn those calories during daily activities.


  2. I would second everything that The Major told you about Al Ain. It seems like a great place for families, everyone has been nothing but friendly and helpful. The mall here has an amusement park in it too with lots of neat stuff for kids. And the heat is definately bearable as long as you avoid being outside during the worst part of the day.


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