He is gone and I am counting…..

We dropped the husband off at the air port yesterday around 2 PM. It was not fun. We got to visit for an hour before he had to go through security. I cried a lot, but was not as bad as I thought I would be. He was pulled aside and searched and his carry on was unpacked and searched. He kept smiling at us and waving while he was going through it all. By the end, the air port security guy was waving at us too. He walked away, and we left. The kids were very entertained by the air port and boy child mentioned that he wanted to stay there all day. That made me feel better. I am still going to put Little Bit and other boy child in harnesses though.

The kids are doing great and have been very calm and helpful. I am in and out of states of crying, but am doing very well, I think. Ask me again in a few days/weeks/month. It really sucks, but every day he is gone is another day closer to my seeing him again. I just have to keep it all in perspective.

I have not heard from the husband yet. He will buy a cell phone as soon as he can then he will call. We have made Fridays our phone call days. I can’t wait until Friday……

Ok, gotta go. It is getting late and the kids are still going strong in the living room. My goodness….Thank god I have the most wonderful father-in-law in the world and he is letting us live here with him. I am forever grateful.

Y’all sleep good tonight….I won’t…….


One thought on “He is gone and I am counting…..

  1. Reading your post brought back all those feelings from a month ago for me, but from the other side. I got pulled aside for a “random” search too, probably for the same reason. The ticket clerk told me that I would because I was flying alone, one-way to the Middle East on a ticket that was bought recently. So I had to stand there getting nearly strip searched while my family was on the other side of the glass crying. Hang in there, and I hope that you and the major are reunited soon.


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