Why are you all up in my business?

In my quest to gain more information about being an expat and moving to the Middle East, I frequent a message board that is set up for expat women. Because it is a bunch of women, there is an expected amount of bitchiness and passive aggressive behavior – women are disgusting creatures…..

ANYWAY…..there was a question about where to go to get a toddlers ears pierced and I was floored to see that it turned into a moral discussion! It all started with one lady saying she hoped no one would pierce a toddlers ears and she compared it to tattooing your child. Excuse me, but WHAT? The original poster did not ask nor care about the morality of the issue, she was just asking where she could take her child to get it done safely.

Why do women feel like they have to get all up in other women’s business? I don’t know you. You are not going to do anything but piss me off, so why even start it? It really is disgusting what women do to one another, as if it isn’t hard enough trying to be a mom and wife (or single mom), these holier than now bitches have to come in and force their superiority upon us. Two words……PISS OFF.


2 thoughts on “Why are you all up in my business?

  1. well, I can truthfully say Im glad I was born a man when it comes to women interfering with business….they do it enough when youre NOT a woman.no offense, unless you really want to be offended.


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