Mother Fucker!

The husband hasn’t gotten his contract yet, so as of right now, we are not moving. This has been over running my thoughts for the past month and I talk about it to everyone I meet, see and know…. (sorry, BTW). I offered a friend of mine a deal on my sectional sofa and my bed for $200 for both of them. I told her that they could have the bed the week that we move and had originally made plans for her to come get the sofa this weekend. BUT….since we don’t have a contract, we can’t do anything yet. Ya know? I talk about THAT all the time now, so I guess I assumed that she understood that I couldn’t give her the sofa this weekend. Well, you know what assuming does, and boy, has it made a BIG ass out of me.

She called last week and told me she was having a garage sale and asked if I had anything that I wanted to put into the sale. I didn’t have anything, but I also didn’t mention that she couldn’t get the couches either. I get a call this morning from her asking if they can come get the couch on Thursday…. Um, no. I can’t give her my couches Thursday! We are not moving yet, we don’t have a contract! She then proceeds to say “if I would have known, I wouldn’t have sold all of my furniture”. I feel terrible! I offered to give her our sleeper sofa and our rocking chair temporarily until we are ready to move. She just turned me down, telling me that her husband just bought new furniture and while she would rather not have the payments, they didn’t know what else to do.

The more I think about it though, the more pissed I get. What would you have done? I am thinking if I had a friend who is pacing back and forth every day worried about not having a contract and saying that she can’t do anything without one, I would have asked her (before I sold my furniture), if she was prepared to let me have the furniture.

Call me a bitch, but I don’t feel like I am 100% at fault here.

Don’t know. I’m upset and pissed.


3 thoughts on “Mother Fucker!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very strange situation. To me if she was a close friend then she’d know and if she is pissed off then she really isn’t that much of a friend. Before you know it, you’ll be gone and you’ll probably never see her again. you know? Ok, so she was a friend and it sucks. Friends work through things and if you all are close, then you’ll work it out.


  2. anne says:

    p.s. I love Rocky Road ice cream too, but it has to have marshmallows in it, not marshmallow cream. Medicine and labor – are you mad? I had to have it although I made it to 5 without. Someday I’ll tell you of my 1st son’s birth (horror) story. I went c-section the next time and oh, how nice that was.


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