Seems to be the word of the day at my house. Does that word every go out of style? I know when my mom says something is cool, I cringe. Really, what is a 60 year old woman doing saying things are cool? It’s probably the same way my kids feel when I say dude, rock on, or you rock to them…… Oh shit! I’m becoming one of THOSE moms…….

The husband is asleep on the couch, the kids are fighting, and I STILL haven’t decided what to make for dinner. It was going to be meat loaf (made with turkey because ground beef grosses me out), but now it is too late to start it….. MMMMMM Maybe stir fry…..let’s see….I’ve got egg rolls in the freezer…….Stir fry it is!

Hope y’all aren’t hungry….. cause I’m not sharing!


BTW – I’ve been at military ceremonies all week and I ran across this picture. It’s been all over e-mail I am sure, but I think it is really cool….. MMMMM Marines…..


2 thoughts on “Dude….

  1. Tee hee! Ended up going to Sonic….. I know……I am making fresh spinach and chicken stir fry tomorrow with egg rolls and rice. Oh and Rocky Road ice cream for desert (but only for me)!


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