Everyone is invited to the pitty party for me…..I’ll see you at 7, OK?

I usually end up hating mother’s day. Let me rephrase that. Since I had kids over the adorable age of 9 months, mother’s day has not been all that great a day. I have these farfetched fantasies of a peaceful day with no kids fighting, me on the couch with a HUGE bowl of rocky Road ice cream and watching TLC all day. NEVER happens.

The kids didn’t wake me up this morning, which was nice. I got to lay and watch the girl sleep for about 15 minutes – which I love. I then got up and made breakfast for everyone. Hey! Wait a minute! I thought they were supposed to make breakfast for me! Nope – didn’t happen. I have spent most of the day pulling the two little kids apart from one another and the other half of the day directing the traffic through my house since boy child has three friends that keep wondering over here. Apparently, my house is the cool house – whatever that means…they are only 7 and 8, they can’t know too much about cool.

I decided I was tired of being inside and have been in the back yard cleaning. I have moved the rock pile and raked and picked up a ton of broken toys. Of course, this all is selfish on my part because I really want the husband to mow.

OK, so mother’s day – It doesn’t happen here. I did steal some of my neighbor’s red roses off the vine that is hanging over my fence! Well, she wasn’t using them!


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