Have you seen a little gnome walking around here?

Unless you have one, you have no earthly idea what I will be talking about…..but I have a sleep walker in my house……Why I got one, I will never know, because I am AFRAID OF THE DARK!!!

Going out after him is pure torture to me.

Tonight, he came to me. Hunched over his little frame holding his peepee in his hands scuffling his little feet along and just muttering something – who knows. I put my hands on his shoulders and his little legs just continued to move. I asked him if he needed to go to the potty and something came out that sounded like a yes, so I steered him that direction. He did indeed have to go. He realized that he was awake and he looked at me through the mirror and grinned the prettiest grin ever and said thank you mommy.

I would walk through 100 miles of dark forests to see that at the end. My little man, I love you.


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