Sometimes I wonder what about my life has made me the way that I am.

I was thinking about some plans I have for June with some friends and my new sister-in-law. We will be a group of 4….My best friend from my childhood who has known me for 23 years, my best friend from Oklahoma who has known me since I was pregnant a while ago, and my newish sister-in-law who has only known me as a wife and mom.

It will be interesting to see how it all goes. I am sure that my childhood friend and my adult friend will have stories to share and a lot will be revealed… I am different people to each of these women and I am kind of nervous about the different perspectives these women bring to the table.

My childhood friend knew me as a clumsy, gangly girl who loved to show off in front of the boys. She knows me as a fun loving girl and since we have been miles apart and lost track every once in a while, she has not been witness to some pretty large chunks of life that have changed me. She knows a lot of my dirty little secrets of childhood though.

My adult friend, has known me through two pregnancies and has seen me in my work environment. She knows me as the funny, sarcastic but sweet girl who can bail you out of a lot of pretty ugly situations. She knows a lot of my dirty little secrets of adulthood.

Then there is my sister-in-law who doesn’t know me at all. She has only seen me with the husband and has only seen me stressed out and running after the kids like a mad woman. She doesn’t know any of my secrets – dirty or not.

It is almost like the meeting of the different parts of my life, and since I am a different person with each of these women, it will be interesting to see who I am when all three are together. HHHMMMM….It is before noon – I shouldn’t be thinking this deeply.

Hell, I might need a Bloody Mary after a bit if I keep this up!

Until then, this is just a mom – thinking WAY too much………..


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  1. oklahoma girl says:

    I am positive that we (most of us) will love you no matter what…at least I know that I will. And if I have to kick so ass at the end of the day…I’m not afraid to do that either!!! I love you!!!


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