Again, my daughter trips me out! I have taken to saying “eggsellent” (really, sound it out – it may make sense to you). We were at our local supercenter throwing a little more cash toward the Walton family….and I said “eggsellent” and little miss says “Hey! You talk like Mr. Burns!” OK, I am pretty sure it is a bad sign that my 2 year old daughter knows who Mr. Burns is. In case you don’t know, turn on your freaking TV every once in a while. The Simpsons come on at 5 pm mountain time on my channel 4 (OK, I don’t know the damn call letters….CBS, NBC, who cares. It is all TV to me).

Boy child has been playing his “game boy” all freaking day. Normally I wouldn’t allow this, but I have a terrible pain in my neck and the game boy keeps him quiet and the sibling fights to a minimum. It’s good for mom. Besides, he is, literally, a freaking genius, a little game boy isn’t going to kill him. The darn kid is 7 and he is on book 3 of the Chronicles of Narnia after starting them 2 weeks ago. (Well, I haven’t read them either, but he sometimes reads out loud and they sure do sound interesting.) Never thought my kid would be the school nerd….. He is so freaking beautiful though. Deadly combination….looks and brains!


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