My daughter trips me out

It is so funny the things that kids pick up….

I have been vowing to stop cussing over the years, but I never seem to be able to do it. In fact, it has gotten worse!

This morning, Little bit was walking through the kitchen and I had just given her a sippy cup. She takes the cup, says “Thank eeww” and as she walks away she says “You rock mama”. I almost fell on the floor laughing! I used to say “you rock” all the time and I guess she picked it up. I have also heard her saying “Cool dude”, “Rock on”, and answering questions with “because I’m a princess” which really cracks me up! It may be my sleep deprivation or maybe I’m just a dork – heard her say THAT too! – but I think it is hilarious!

Boy child has been known to say “damn it” – which used to be my favorite word and other boy child tells me that sometimes his friends “piss [him] off”. I feel like I am in an episode of The Ozbornes sometimes! I am so horrible! I cuss even more in person that I do on this blog…..

Here is my baby girl….



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