Holly shit! Just let her go already!!!

I feel so sorry for poor Terri Schiavo. Not because she is starving to death, but because she has had to endure all of this for 15 years (? I have read 15 and I have read 10 – which is it?). Her poor little body needs to be laid to rest. Why do we do this to one another? What kind of life is it being kept alive by machines, laying in a bed, not able to talk and people gawking at you all the time? I know it is heart breaking and I know that her parents really believe that she will recover – but she won’t. That level of hope and faith is very admirable and it would be great if everyone in the world showed that much hope and faith, but it is also unrealistic. They have become so wrapped up in their hope and faith that they can’t see that their daughter has been suffering for years and that living by machine is really no way to live.

This is all totally just my OPINION. I just feel so sad for everyone involved. How terrible for Terri’s husband to have to make this decision then to have to fight her parents the whole time. How terrible for her parents to have to out live their daughter – no parent should out live their children. How terrible for Terri to be caught in the middle. Sometimes I really wonder if the wonders of medicine are really all that great. If the feeding tube and all the machines that were invented to keep people alive did not exist, this problem would have never been. Instead, millions of our tax dollars are used to keep people alive that would have died if it had all been left to God, or Allah, or Buddha or whoever you believe in…

Then again, while we are talking about tax dollars and keeping people alive, there is the whole death row issue…some other time maybe.

Please, let poor Terri go. Let her soul rise up and be free from this prison of a body she is trapped in. Let her be in peace and allow your self to let go. She needs it. You need it. Use her death as a tool to teach others. Teach others of the dangers of eating disorders. Teach others of the importance of having a living will. Teach others the importance of clear communication between family members. My god, just do something besides all this fighting and bickering. Surely Terri would not have approved.

Go in peace Ms. Terri. I hope your journey is beautiful and meaningful.


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