I’m gonna get fat…

I just made chocolate chip cookies – JUST SO I COULD EAT THE DOUGH!!!

I am doing the “last minute” thing hoping that the darn cookies get finished baking in time to send them off to school with a boy child by Noon!!! Nothing like procrastination to get your adrenaline pumping! The boy child helped me make them. He held the mixer for me and mixed everything! (Uh, NO, I don’t have a stand mixer…I want one, but don’t have one – been asking for the damn thing for Christmas, birthday and anniversary for 10 damn years…)

Girl child has a fever again today and sounds like a cat coughing up a fur ball when she coughs. Poor baby. All the doctor does is tell us to turn on the humidifier and give her codeine cough meds. That can’t be good for her! She got some robitussin this morning and is sleeping right now.

It looks like we have another round of awards banquets to go to next week. On Tuesday, the husband’s school is inducting students into the Honor Society then on Thursday, the husband is up for teacher of the year for the school. Sounds fun and all, but the school’s head master pissed me off last night and well, it pissed me off! Last night was the first time I have met him, since he is new to the school this year. I was excited because I had been waiting to meet him all damn year. Well, when he shook my hand, it was like I was holding a limp fish! THEN, he turned his back on me!!! Totally disrespectful. It really ticked me off and I have no respect for anyone who does things like that. He didn’t even say the requisite “nice to meet you”. Whatever. His damn loss. He was probably shocked by my beauty and had to turn away before he fell in love…Ha ha ha…….

ANYWAY….. Last night was really neat. It was super cool to be in a room with all 127 nominees and to see them being honored. The top teachers were so deserving of their awards and it was great to be a part of that. I still would have liked to have gotten a cruise, but the 6 teachers that got them really deserved them! It was fun.


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