I wish I understood

OK, so yesterday I am on an internet forum and there is a discussion about Middle East politics. I don’t really know anything about any type of politics so I started asking questions. Everyone was pretty friendly about it especially considering I was the only American in the group. I still don’t understand most of it. I feel like a total and complete idiot. The more I learn about it the more angry I get at our so called leaders. Why do we have to stick our nose in everyone else’s business? Who made the US the supreme leaders of the World? Why are we so uneducated about World history here?

I can see it now. I am going to get e-mails from some people telling me that we made ourselves the leader of the World by being the strongest. That is the way we think of it, but most of the rest of the World does not see it that way, they see it as the US bullying and strong arming them to comply with US rules, not World rules. It sickens me how we don’t see the world beyond our nose. It worries me that most Americans live in a protective bubble and if things happen outside that bubble, they either don’t care or they don’t see it. I need to go read some history of the WORLD and try and put all of this into perspective for myself.

I love my country, but that doesn’t have to mean that I think everything the politicians do for/to our country is right. I need to understand why children in Afghanistan are raised with the words “Death to the USA” imprinted on their brain. I need to understand why I will be treated badly in other countries just because I am an American. I need to understand how I can help change that.

Until tomorrow….this is me, not sleeping well…


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