I am sick of people saying I am unemployed!!! I am a mother – I am over employed!!!

You know, just because I don’t leave my house to work doesn’t mean that I am unemployed and that I sit around and eat bon bons all day (I wish I could!). I have a schedule and I am busy most of the day.

My schedule looks like this:

Every day I …
Make the bed
Get dressed and put on tennis shoes
Brush my teeth, and hair
wipe the bathroom sink down and swish the toilet before I leave the room
grab a load of laundry and take it to the wash
Make coffee
Take meds
Feed kids and give vitamins
put the clothes in the dryer
take something out of the freezer for dinner

In the afternoons, I…
Take boy child to the bus stop
Pick up the family room
set the table for dinner
sit down and have some water

In the evenings, I…
Clean the dishes after dinner
pick up the family room
lay out clothes for the next day
wash my face
brush my teeth

Specific days of the week look like this:

clean the mirrors
empty the trash and diaper pails
sweep the bathrooms and kitchen
mop the bathrooms and kitchen
Pick one big project I have and work on that for 15 minutes
Pick one big chore (like cleaning the bath tub) and do that

Change the sheets on the beds
Do my project for 15 minutes
do one big chore

clean the mirrors
empty trash cans
clean out the fridge
make grocery list of veggies and fruits for tomorrows shopping

this is my errand day
water the plants
grocery shop
do project for 15 minutes
do big chore

clean mirrors
empty trash
clean out my purse
clean out the van
do project for 25 minutes
do big chore
Date Night with Husband

Saturday is family day

Sunday is my meditation and deep yoga day
I also take a long hot bubble bath every Sunday.

We don’t go out to eat (too expensive) so I cook every night. I make lunch every day and I do laundry every day. Periodically throughout the day, the kids and I will have to stop and clean up toys and do dishes. I am a neat freak and it is an obsession for me, so yes, I do keep a schedule so I can get the cleaning done and have time left to play with the kids. I have PTO meetings every other Wednesday, I write a monthly News Letter for the school, I teach a monthly cooking class at the county welfare office, not to mention driving the kids back and forth to various appointments and activities. Mom’s are busy people, and we certainly are NOT UNEMPLOYED.


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