What the F**K!

It is snowing!!! Holly shit! It is snowing!!! Yes, I do live in the SOUTHERN USA!!!

My freaking fingers are frozen from sitting at the computer all morning! We don’t have heat in the addition on the house where the computer is…

OK so well, hmmmm. Not much to report today.

I read on MSNBC that the California supreme court overruled the ban on gay marriage! YEAY!!!! Hopefully it sticks. The judge is correct in saying that the ban on gay marriage is like the law that prohibited interracial couples to marry in the past. I have always felt like the way gays are treated is nothing short of the way blacks were treated during the days of segregation.

I am really not in the mood to expand on my thoughts right now. I am fucking freezing!!!

Until then….

Piss off you homophobic ass holes!


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