Bobble headed babies

Sometimes, I only type in the blog because a phrase pops into my head that I like and I use it as a title then have to come up with something to type later….

OK, so little miss thang is over here doing her best version on Axel Rose while we are listening to “Don’t Get me Wrong” by the Pretenders. I just took down all of the framed photos in the house and am in the process of patching nail holes. How depressing is that? The house looks lonely now. I took all of my decorative chochkies (sound it out phonetically – it works) and have wrapped and labeled them to go into storage. It is like a life being put into a holding pattern hoping that when we come back to it that it will still hold interest for us. I had to fight the husband tooth and nail to get some boxes for me so that I could do this, and now, what am I doing? I sittin at the damn computer!

I guess I should get off my under-exercised ass and start packing some more of our life away.

I leave you with this…. packing still sucks! Have you held up your end of the bargain? I walked around naked yesterday for about an hour – well I am sun burned, so I had a really good excuse – and the sex, well, let’s just say that I live by my word…. :o!!!

HEY! Try to lick your own elbow. You can’t, can you?


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