Man, it is a beautiful day today!!!

It is so beautiful out side today! I have a shit load of house work to do though! I think I will open the windows and let the fresh air in so I can still enjoy while I clean. Here, this should make you feel tired….this is what I have to do…

Wash the sheets
Wipe down the ceiling in the master bath
Fold laundry
Clean toilet in master bath
take laundry to dryer
put boy’s clothes to wash
change sheets
dust (I got a new feather duster – it is AWESOME!!!)
switch out the winter clothes for summer clothes in the closet
pack away clothes
take old clothes to women’s shelter
pick up the play room
sweep the bathroom floors
clean the toilet in the kids’ bathroom
take laundry to the dryer
Put new load in wash
fold laundry
vacuum house
start on thinning out the toys for the move
go through art supplies and purge
pick up kid form school
pick up another kid from school
homework helper
clean up after dinner
give kids a bath
bed time for kids
work on scrap book
wait for the husband to get home
kiss the husband when he gets home at 10:00
go to bed

Damn, I am tired just typing it! Do you think this is how our mothers felt? I know my mom was even more tired than I. She was single and worked full time in addition to taking care of my brother and me. How do they do it? I truly admire single moms.

Gotta go – lots to do!!!



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