Little Bit spent most of the night last night vomiting. It is in the bed, in her hair, on the carpet, on her PJ’s, on my PJ’s, in my bed, in the shower and now in the washing machine.

YUCK! The husband had to leave the house early because he doesn’t have the stomach for things like this! Oh, the life of a mom……

Poor baby – she doesn’t want to eat anything and she looks so miserable. Her little eyes have purple rings around them and the whites are all blood shot. She is laying on the couch like a limp noodle just kind of moaning and grunting. Of course every time she grunts, I jump expecting to see split pea soup come flying out! Unfortunately, it is carrots and pasta…… It really is amazing how much stuff a little tummy can hold – or not hold in this case.

I feel so sorry for her.


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