Self tanners and baby feet

Why do self tanners smell like cow slobber? OK, well I have no idea what cow slobber smells like, but EEEEWWW! Self tanners smell so bad – WHY??? They are a necessary evil for me as I am a red head and have very sensitive pale skin. I tried the tanning bed and broke out in hives from head to toe which really wasn’t too terribly bad except that little triangle where my panties hit on my back side. Another reason I need the tanner is because I HAVEN’T SEEN THE SUN in about a month!!!!!!

The husband is out of town for the weekend. I can’ t sleep when he is not here. I am a scaredy cat that way. I swear I can here every little creek and crack of the house and nature when he is gone. So, here I am, typing this boring stuff in my blog in a desperate attempt to entertain and inform. I am sitting on the couch watching some show called Faking It??? Kind of kooky, but I haven’t changed the channel yet. I have Little Bit’s feet in my ribs. Cute feet, soft ticklish feet. She was so tired today. We ate our spaghetti and before I could get the dishes rinsed and put in the dishwasher, she was out! Boy child is rolling around on the floor grunting. Don’t know what’s up with that. He is too heavy for me to pick up and carry to his room, so he will sleep on the floor tonight. That’s ok because another boy child is on the couch. I hopefully will head to the bedroom pretty soon.

Oh oh oh!!! Another reason I am freaked out tonight is because there is a known serial killer that has been tracked to my little town!!!!!! It is a female and they haven’t caught her yet! SOOOO…every time the neighbor’s dogs bark I jump. Creepy!

Now what? I have run out of things to type. Well, I have run out of things I am willing to share anyway.

OK, well, I guess I should try to sleep now. I am still super freaked out though.

Buh Bye….


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