Look at me! I’m gonna touch the butt!

We are watching Finding Nemo for the 200th time this morning. I am not complaining, it is one of my favorite movies. Little Bit says “There is little Nemo!” every time she sees him on the screen. She loves this movie.

I made Little Bit a dress last night and she begged to wear it this morning. Well, the dress is sleeveless and it is 34 degrees outside. She was not happy with me when I told her no – and she is so cute and those puffy cheeks and those eyes and her bottom lip sticking out……oh, my heart swells….

I got my hair cut Tuesday. It is still long, but in layers now. It is kind of Terry Hatcher a la Desperate House Wives, because I AM desperate and I am, ugh I hate the term,…… a housewife. I tried to take a picture of it but the never ending winter has made me more pale than usual and I looked like a corpse with black hair and too much makeup. I will slather on some self tanner later and try again. The husband got his new uniform – holy cow! I thought he looked good in the old uniform??? New = 10 x hotter! OK, well, I think my husband is really hot. After 12 years, that’s something to brag about, I think.

EEWW, cold coffee.

Hey! Do you ever pop onto a web site and find a link to someone’s blog or chat board and click on it and immediately regret it because the words on the page make absolutely NO sense? I was on a forum yesterday, (I won’t mention the name because I know the person who regulates the forum and I don’t want them to think I am an idiot), and there was a post that had to do with music and I was following it and everything was fine. Then the moderator threw in a quote and even though it was only one sentence long, I had to read it about four times and it STILL didn’t make sense. Sometimes I get the feeling that people who really aren’t that smart try to be deep and pose philosophical questions and start discussions to try and make themselves seem smarter. In the mean time, it makes me feel like a dork, because it never makes any sense to me. Talking in circles – now THAT is a talent that my little brain can’t keep up with.
My brain is tired just thinking about it!

Gotta make some pants for myself. The husband found fabric on sale for $1.00 a yard and he bought a ton of cotton t-shirt material. I really don’t want to sell it for the move, so I am going to make some pants. You know the kind I mean….Momma pants. I did find a cool pattern for hip huggers and I can choose to make them full length or “peddle pushers” as my mother calls them. Oh ya, the word is Capri’s! It is supposed to only be a 2 hour process, we will see!


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