Droopy eyes and scratchy throat

Don’t have much to say today except – I NEED A NAP!!!!!!!

So tired. So, so tired. I have a Nyquil hangover. It is not much different than a regular hang over. The advantage to a Nyquil hangover is every once in a while I still feel a buzz.

Is this like the never ending winter, or what? It was 70 yesterday and today it is, oh, 54. It is almost March. I wish Mother Nature would get her shit together and warm up already.

Holly crap, I got my Chadwick’s catalogue today. The clothes look great on the pages and for some insane reason, I assume they will look the same on me – WRONG. Sometimes I forget that my body has been rearranged by multiple pregnancies. I have flashbacks of being a size 2 and then something inside of me goes insane and I try on all my “skinny jeans” and then get depressed because I can’t even get my right leg into them anymore. Will it ever go away? Will I ever have a flat stomach again? I work out with The Firm three days a week, and it is complete torture. When will I get to reep the rewards of this hard and exhausting work?

Crap, I would have to get a breast reduction if my stomach were flat. How wonderful it would be to have B cups and a flat stomach. Hey – I can dream can’t I?

Bored…… I have too much to do to be sitting here at this computer typing this crap.

I’m leaving.


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