How exactly do you fold a fitted sheet?

I seem to be fascinated with Jessica Simpson lately. I bet she can’t fold a fitted sheet. Hell, I bet she can’t fold anything……

I am fascinated in a weird sort of way. You know, like when you see a naked fat chick and your brain is saying “Oh NO!!! That is disgusting! DON’T LOOK, DON’T LOOK!!!” But you just can’t help it? OK, so that only happens to me – how embarrassing…

Then there is a new show on MTV called “My Sweet Sixteen”. It is just disgusting, nauseating and embarrassing. Only in America would shit like that be shown on TV and actually be taking place. Who the hell pays $200,000 for their bratty daughter to have a fucking birthday party? I don’t know. Maybe I am jealous because all I got for my sweet 16 was a new bathing suit and some ear rings……

Haven’t made any progress toward the packing of crap for the move. I have talked about it and I have been thinking about it – haven’t done a damn thing. The husband found out that we can go with him when he goes and we don’t have to wait the 90 days. Gotta think about that. That means that you, miss mail girl, need to get you little rear end down here toot sweet, and if you can convince the other girl to come with you, that would be good too. She needs to get away, I think.

Hey – getting bored with this.

This is me, just a mom, saying go fold your laundry!


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